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December 11, 2003



I understand that you "shouldn't" do drunk calls but drunk calls can be fun - LOL


Don't EVEN tell me you are a Days addict -
Hi my name is Laurie and I have been a Days addict since 1982 or something like that!!


Oh. My. God.

It's been my embarassing little secret for a very long time. Whenever I have a sick day or some time off work, I have a hot date with NBC. It's nice to finally be out of the closet!

Remember when Marlena was captured by evil Stefano and he kept her in that stupid, gilded cage in the basement? Remember how they kept switching Bo's? Remember -- back in the day -- when Jennifer (of Jack and Jennifer) used to be a candy striper at the hospital?


I also used to watch Another World and Santa Barbara.


ANOTHER WORLD - My all time favorite - I try to watch every night on the Soap Channel at mid-night - They also do a week long marathon of it at some point on the weekend.

I also watched Santa Barbara, I loved Mason!!

Some more Days Memories -
Remember Bo and Hope's wedding in England? Remember when Kimberly was a hooker? Remember when there was the plane crash and they were stranded on a desert island and I think it was Tony drowned or almost drowned in the Quick Sand.
Remember the great nicknames like Fancy Face, Doc and Saddle Shoes??? Do you remember who was called Saddle Shoes? Remember when Roman was Chris Kosacheck?

Then there were the great couples like, Pete and Melissa, Patch and Kayla, Kimberly and Shane.

And the who could forget when almost all of the were spies for the ISA????



Ooh! This is fun.


Kimberly and Shayne (later of "The Nanny" fame). I *forgot* about them!

Truth be told, Patch always annoyed the ever-loving crap of me. He was always trying to channel Indiana Jones. Didn't sit well with me. I was at the supermarket and saw him -- sans patch -- on the cover of one of the magazines. (Think he's on All My Children?) Almost didn't recognize him.

Santa Barbara:

I loved the Mason and Julia partnership. In fact, Mason was my first ever t.v. crush. Loved the accent.

I felt so cool when I saw "The Princess Bride" and was able to say, "Oh, Robin Wright? Yeah, I've been watching her for yeeeeaaars. She's Kelly on Santa Barbara."

Another World:

I used to really dig the Matt Cory/Teenage story lines. And I loved this one character...I can't remember her name. She was the delightfully zaftig blond who had a fling with Ian Rayne (most recently seen on Nip Tuck).


The zaftig blond for some reason I can't remember her real name, but the character name I beleive was Paulina. BUT before she was on Another World she was Andrienne, Patch's sister and later Justin Kiriakis' wife.


YES! I almost forgot. *Very* good call. I always liked that actress. I hope she shows up in something else.

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