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January 21, 2004



...I use a far side mug - the one where the kid asks if he can leave the classroom because his brain is full...
...and where the *hell* have you been :^)...


Hey TJ -
Welcome Back - How is the new job going?



Thanks for coming by. I have been a stranger.

Job is great! Love the people. Love what I'm doing. The only bummer is that I've easily tacked on 3+ hours of work...every day. Both I and my fingers are exhausted.

However, now that I'm getting in to the swing of things I hope to be back in Blogland daily.

Good to be back...and good to talk to ya!


I think if you are going to talk about mugs you should mention how you always steal my favorite mug, the one that says "Zoloft Morning." Hands off girly!

Sgt Hook

Glad to see you back at the keyboard. I'm now hawking Sgt Hook coffee mugs if you're interested ; )

Jack Bog

Your great-grandmother used to cool her milk-and-sugar laden tea by pouring it into the saucer and blowing on it before slurping it down right off the saucer.

For a long time, I thought that was normal etiquette, until I did it at a friend's house and caused quite a row.

Good to read your stuff again.

Parkway Rest Stop

Uncle Billy (our uncle, your great uncle) did that too. And he held his pinkeys out while he did it. Veddddddy classy.


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