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December 21, 2004



I recommend calling back and asking to speak to a supervisor, be extra demanding, but nice, that should get you through to someone. Also, you should call your credit card company and tell them you're disputing the charge and why.....in most cases they'll investigate and won't make you pay until the issue is settled...and I'm guessing that you would then not be charged for the shipping at all.

Good luck!

Mike Hill

I hadn't seen "Yours is a very bad hotel" before and I thank you for linking to it. Experiences like yours with A&F truly expose the blackest depths of your soul. Personally, they make me want to cause pain.


Well I am having a sucky experience with A&F as well. We purchased a gift card from them and decided that we would not give it as a gift because we found something else. I tried to return it (with receipt) and they said it can only be redeemed for merchandise. So to sum it up, I bought something from them and they won't let me return it. I am in GA, and they said they are only required to give money back for the gift cards in CA.


I'm sorry to hear about all your dramas. After multiple e-mails, they still haven't gotten back to me. And I thought I was the only one sucked in by their eeeevil empire.

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