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February 18, 2005


Jim - PRS

That was really super. I feel like I did when you were a squirt and I was in the audience nervously wondering whether you could play the Miss Hannigan part in "Annie." I remember almost exploding with pride when you played and sang the hell out of the part.

Very well done!


Damn, woman. I mean DAYUM!!!

You wrote that chapter with STYLE!

Excellent and very well done.

Hoo-rah and Thank YOU!!

Now, I'm getting nervous.

; )


That was INCREDIBLE! Great job!


Nicely done, was dying to know what I'd left you in that envelope! ; )


(Blushing furiously.) Thanks so much for the very, very kind feedback. I appreciate your having read it, as it was fun to write! I can't wait to see what happens next week...


Wahoo! DAMN fine job! I wanna read the whole dang book!


Damn,, I hate having to wait!! This thing keeps getting better and better. Very nice bit of writing, and everyone's styles are meshing together wonderfully.


... very, very well written... salute, mon amie... you threw a ringer.. you Ladies are kicking ass...


C'est bon, cher! Very nice piece of writing there. I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to next week.


That was a good ass chapter... Shootin', eatin', mystery, and a dog. But that description doesn't do the writin' justice. Very well done, I just wish you'd finish it. ;)

These ladies, Jim excluded from this statement, are certainly kickin' tail. Not from the kickin' tail part, but the ladies part.


Oh Miss Twisty! You are one clever writer, and keeping things running as smoothly (and dare I say 'seamless') as possible. Nice farookin' job.


OUTSTANDING!! I am so impressed!


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