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March 21, 2005



That's all well and good,but I wouldn't turn my back on 'em. Just remember -- kids are here to replace you.

Kid Various

Why do I want anyone to replace me? I'm irreplaceable!

And I *don't* expect a laid back time at Chuck E. Cheese. That's what I'm saying, there are VENUES specifically made for children.

And, of course, there are specifically adult venues - bars (hard core ones not TGI Fridays), Adult book stores and R-rated films.

Oh yeah, my bad, apparently, R rated films are fair game for parents to bring their kids...

What I am talking about is the neutral space...planes, trains, normal restaurants, etc. And the answer is that you simply should not take children below the age of reason to these spaces.

Kid Various

And if a pregnant twisty wants to have a throwdown in the Ames parking lot....IT'S ON!



Unfortunately, there are far too many 'parents' who SHOULD have joined the 'child-free movement'. But, isn't that always the way? Those that want children badly sometimes have problems having them...and those that shouldn't be parents have a dozen.

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