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April 18, 2005



I had a koi pond at my old house... dug that sucker by hand...freakin waterfall and all... go for the really good filter (then next year you won't have to do the clean up)... you can bury an outside extension cord with little trouble up to your house's outside receptacle... add some wtaer foliage... they keep the water oxygenated...(but remember to pluck it out when it gets overcrowded in there (those lilies grow fast)


Ha! Fish don't bark or pee on the carpet. You also don't have to take them out in the farookin' cold.

Post pictures!

; )


Thank you for the excellent advice. That's why they put those plants in the water. Seriously, Mr. Surly and I were fishing out potted plants from the pond thinking, "Is that *supposed* to be here?" We weren't sure if they fell in. Man, we're lousy at this!

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We looked kind of similar with our skinny, little bodies and long, long legs. We knew right away that he should be a member of the family.

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We LOVE your recent posts!! Love the conference posts, you all seem to be having so much fun--in your tall hats!! Good people plus good food equals good fun!!

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I went there a few months ago and it was delicious. They had a meyer lemon risotto side dish that was to die for! And the restuarant itself was so beautiful -- I would definitely go back.

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I am thinking of buying a couple of fish, and I need different names so I can look them up online and see if they are cool enough for me. I want a red fish, a blue fish with black stripes.The fish must be freshwater, not need alot of care (Like a goldfish) and not be expensive.They can't be something that will die easily or something that is aggressive and eats other fish.

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Speaking of wacked out, what the hell was Michelle doing wearing a pair of $540 designer tennis shoes to this event? Adding insult to injury I guess... Now the homeless are getting free mushroom risotto?! I wonder what wine they were serving?

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I used to have a big aquarium. But i have to let it go, cuz cleaning it takes a lot of time.

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