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April 13, 2005


Jim - PRS

I only drink things that contain a vowel.

Da Old Man

Kid Various

No wonder Pinktalk has issues with Kid Various as he also, never eats vegetables or fruit. (Nah it wouldn't have anything to do with our liberation of Iraq.)

Oddly, if you eat enough meat, you can get enough vitamin C from the animal flesh to avoid scurvy. That whole fruit thing being good for you is a scam anyway perpetrated by the Fruit Council of America.

Yeah and my sexual fantasy *is* to do it on spaceship!

Well, not really, but that is damn funny!


Kid Various



Brother Kojak

LOL!! Heinz saves lives! PLEASE don't forward them this entry. I would not be surprised if they used it.

"I only drink this that contain a vowel"
thats some funny shit....

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