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May 16, 2005


Brother Kojak

For a sweetheart like you, probably not. But you could always say "I gave last week". Thats for the big-eyed, bad-ass kids. For the co-workers participating in the Fill-In-The-Blank A-thons, just be straight up "Wow. Thats a great cause, but I can't help you right now because we're a little strapped. But I can make a couple phone calls for you to see if anyone I know will sponsor you."
And for the people collecting money in the median of the big suburban street, they're just trife. Use the permanent "ig" (igonore) buttton.


Gosh, you people are so polite. I usually just make some kind of crack about how its easier to get around the streets of Calcutta without being hit up.

Jim - PRS

Wear your poppy and point to it and smile. That will keep the Legion folks at bay. Of course, the VFW also does poppies, but they don't look like the Legion ones. You may have to wear both.

As for the others, just smile and keep walking.


I just smile and say "Sorry, I can't today." No explanation needed, and it's not rude.


Thank you, thank you. I will make use of all this right away.

As a side note...HA! Calcutta!

Mr. Snitch!

No, there IS no way to refuse such requests without looking like a jerk. And that is what this type counts on. So, what I do is: I always carry an axe when I go anywhere that I might get the touch put on me. That way, I never look like a schmuck - I look like an axe murderer. Which is something I can live with.

Also, it's great for cutting in line. By that I mean, you know, skipping ahead.

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