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June 10, 2005


Ken Adams

Masterful. Brava!


Good for you! From what I understand, this is a pretty common practice for a lot of stores. And, I agree. It's tantamount to stealing.


I've never heard of such a thing! That's insane!!

Good to have you back around here, TJ!

Jim - PRS

No indication anywhere that this would happen? Sounds like the stuff of a Class Action, methinks.


Bastards. Hope you get vindication.


{{{hugs}}} You're back! Give 'em hell babe.


Makes me long for Rickles even more...


Makes me long for Rickles even more...


Thank you for all the welcomes and the shared rage. I'll keep you posted on the ongoing saga.

So far, nothing yet...

Not even a stinky "Thanks for your E-mail" autoresponse.

Next step? A paper letter to the President of the company. RAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Jack Bog

Don't forget to mention that Home Depot gets the time value of the money in the interim. Not to mention that with price increases, you get to buy less if you wait, anyway.

If there really is no warning on the card or the packaging, I think it would make a wonderful class action.

Be sure to cc your letter to the consumer affairs folks at The New York Times.


TJ, I just happened to remember this...try it. It worked for me when I had an 'issue' with a restaurant.

Planet Feedback


Ooops. hehe



That's why we call that place HOME DESPOT.

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