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June 19, 2005



We were out with some folks the other night and when we got back my wife remarked 'I think they are the only un-dysfunctional family I know.'

She hasn't met the Parkways.

Jim - PRS

It was indeed a memorable night. Thank YOU for doing all the heavy lifting.

Jim - PRS


I hope some time soon she will.


That's awesome! Congrats to you and Parkway Jim for pulling one off on her, not an easy task, from what you all have said. And of course, Happy Birthday to your Mom!


How wonderful! Please tell her I said Happy Birthday! Now, how about a surprise trip to AC and a visit with one of your favorite southern NJ bloggers?
: - )


How absolutely wonderful!

; )


Wow...what a great suprise. I'm so glad it worked out!


Wow! You deserve an award... I think we should make you one and have a blog presentation. *grin* Congrats on pulling off such a tremendous feat.

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