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July 14, 2005



they are in fact currently working on the Family Guy movie.


I do not plan to watch the Charlie & the Chocolate Factory movie. I can't even believe that they even dared to remake a classic.

Someone else said elsewhere, but I have to agree: Johnny Depp looks like a Michael Jackson clone in all of the commercials. Shudder!


Anything with Jean-Claude Van Dam or Steven Segal.

Jim -PRS

Anything with Barbra *spit* Strisand and, of course, anything that Michael Moore had anything whatsoever to do with.


Battleship Earth 2

Oh man, don't even joke about that!

Brother Kojak

Kate stole my thunder with the Steven Segal reference.

remakes of movies that weren't that good in the 1st place

a sequel to the greatest cinematic fake-out of all time (a chic flic in disguise) SWAT II

any movie where Cederic the Entertainer has more than 10 lines


They have doped out on too many drugs and too much booze they have become mindless zombies

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