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May 01, 2006



.. it was a reat treat to ride with you!.. you're a chip off the old block!...


*drawing wind circles in my mind . . . *

I loved ya! My sides still hurt from all the laughing. Hope to see you soon.

Denita TwoDragons

I'm sorry I didn't get much of a chance to chat with you too, hon. But there'll certainly be another time--and I'll bring more pie next time around! And if you're passing through, drop me a line and I'll replenish your iced tea reserves for you. ;-)



Honey, you are so absolutely beee-yu-tee-ful!

I loved every second spent with you.

; )


It was so nice to meet you and dad, you guys kept me in stitches. Thanks so much for being the pea in my pod too! That means so much to me! Love ya.


You were a real treat to meet!


It was great to finally meet you - you saucy thing you. We'll have to do it again.

That 1 Guy

'Twas a pleasure to meet you, TJ! Great duet with your dad...

Looking forward to seein ya again.


I cannot wait to meet you again! You rock, TJ...seriously. It was a pleasure to meet you after all this time. I guess it's my turn to head up that way again to meet you, Mr. Surly and Jimbo. That's cool with me. You're all great people!


Holy crap. I'm laughing. Nobody could possibly ever say, "TJ was an a-hole!" Good Lord. I've been telling everyone you must be one of the funniest people I've ever met!


Well, I "could" say it, but it'd be a straight up damned lie.

You have a beautiful voice, and the duet with Jimbo... awesome. I damned near cried.

The lighter thing, hell, it's just what 'Necks do in a pinch. Churchkey absent and all, but, remember this, God put 'Necks on the earth for some reason. Well, two reasons:
1: You need a beer opened and ain't got an opener and you're drinkin' a "fancy" beer that don't "twist off".
2: Your car breaks down.

I'm just sayin'. It was nice meetin' you but don't ever give Eric an umbrella again. Hell, that ruined my hole "macho image" of him.

'tween his red hair, green and white umbrella, sunscreened pale face he looked damned near like a Mexican flag...



thanks so much for coming. i felt like i owed you since you were so kind to email me about my trip to new york last spring. and plus, blown eyes or blown stars, are just one extended dysfunctional blodge family. you fit right in! it was truly nice to meet you and i'll see you down the road.

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